Space Telescopes


A first generation balloon-borne hard X-ray telescope prototype launched in support of the development of a next generation wide field X-ray monitor for astrophysics.


The second generation which utilized new hardware to significantly improve the energy resolution and angular resolution of the ProtoEXIST1 architecture.


The Regolith X-ray Imaging Spectrometer (REXIS) is a CCD based wide-field X-ray telescope for the characterization of the surface properties of asteroids and other airless bodies using low energy X-rays.

Building Probes for Extreme Astrophysical Phenomena and Planetary Science

Disclaimer: May extend beyond the usual parameter space.


Probe the origin and composition of nearby objects which we can visit with interplanetary missions.


Probe the nature of extreme astrophysical phenomena including black holes, neutron stars, gamma-ray bursts and supernova.